Edinburgh Clearance specialise in the timely removal, safe handling, efficient transportation and environmentally friendly and safe disposal of all manner of waste. Our services cover, but are not limited to, the clearance of household waste, garden waste, commercial waste and construction waste. Our services extend to single rooms, individual houses, flats, residential complexes, garages, gardens, offices, shops, large commercial or business premises and construction sites.

Do you need an old sofa, a bed, or even wardrobe removing prior to the delivery and/or installation of new ones? Is your loft full of useless junk, hoarded over decades? Is your overgrown garden full of remnants of years of neglect? Is there construction work taking place at your property, which is being slowed down by the production of difficult to manage waste? Edinburgh Clearance’s services provide you with solutions in all manner of eventualities, regardless of the project’s size or scope.
The Environmental Protection Act of 1990 imposes a duty of care on householders for ensuring that household waste is properly disposed of, which is also covered by Household Waste Duty of Care Regulations 2005. As such, the householder must oblige by the duty of care for ensuring that they are storing waste safely and securely, preventing it from causing environmental pollution or harm to anyone and describing the waste in writing on a transfer note in case it is passed on to anyone else.

Edinburgh Clearance operate in full accordance with licensing legislation and manage a team of professional, experienced and conscientious clearance operatives who are ready to fulfil your waste removal requirements in a timely, efficient and safe manner.